The Good Pin Club is a monthly club where every two months we bring you a sah-weeet new pin set, and 100% of the profit goes directly to a different, incredible non-profit organization!

Our latest pin is brought to you by New Market Goods in support of Obat Helpers, a non-profit organization committed to providing aid, support, education and economic empowerment to refugee populations residing in camps in Bangladesh.


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New Market Goods is a Brooklyn-based clothing and textile label formed with the goal of better understanding and highlighting positive production practices in Bangladesh. They’ve partnered with Deshal, a community of local garment producers who’ve been striving to create better working conditions in their factory. Together, they hope to promote good design, celebrate Bangladeshi artisanship, and improve production transparency.

OBAT Helpers is a Bangladeshi humanitarian organization committed to providing access to education, healthcare, infrastructure and empowerment initiatives to over 730,000 Rohingya refugees that have fled violence in Myanmar.

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